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(Archived) New Android Phone and data usage is through the roof


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Hi there, 


I just swtiched from an iphone to an android device (Note 2 on Telus, if it makes any difference.) I am a long time, and heavy evenote user with 15K notes and my database is around 8gig. 


I got a data warning yesterday, and found that Evernote had sucked down 1.6gig of data in the background. I immediately switched to Wifi Only sync to prevent it eating up all my data. I checked and none of my notebooks are marked for offine line use. How ever do have search Offline Search checked. Default view have is snippet mode. 


My new phone has been at home and connected to the wifi network there, so I assume that all of the header data would have been downloaded into evernote during my first sync at home. 


So my question is will the data use stabilize?  I want to be able to sync my notes while out and about, but can't risk this kind of data useage.  Any suggestions?


Thanks in advance. 



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You can set your Android Evernote client to only sync via wi-fi.  I'd suggest you do that and see what happens.  I can't predict what the throughput is going to be,  but you're going to have to be patient to download the index for 8GB of data.  It might take a few days...

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