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(Archived) Multiple duplicate notes created (unwanted)


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This has happened to me on android too.



There are multiple copies of a note,  8 or more, created in my evernote notebook when I only created one note. 


This latest example was a short audio note of about 2 minutes I posted with android.  Something berserked out and I have 8 copies of it.

I worry about what this will do to my quota, of course, just as I'm very close to subscribing to premium.  If this happens

when I post a video, my 1 GB bandwidth could be used Really Quick!  Just a couple of days ago this happened to me while I was using




Solutions?   Others with same problem?   Fix ?

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Im having a similar issue with a note with multiple audio files recorded from within Evernote ipad.  Ive deleted on web, Windows client and iPad client and they just keep coming back.


So whatever solution is created would love to know the answer as well

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I am having problems with multiple notes, I had a dozen , two dozen up to 40 duplicates of notes on my Evernote , I spent more than an  hour deleting all the extras with the idea that I            would export the notes to a file that I could use in case it happened again . After exporting I was left with triplicates of each note. Anybody ever had this problem . Normally I have about 200 notes before I started deleting I had over 3000

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Anything new on this? Happens to me when I take a snapshot from my android phone. Just got 24 unwanted duplicates. It is very frustrating.

Not sure what you're expecting. This is a user forum, not an official support forum. Evernote staff to take heed of posts, issues, and feature requests, but don't always post thereselves. I'd suggest that you open a support request for this; see the link in my signature.
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Yeah, a support ticket would be best I think on something like this (especially if it is reproducible by you), but to be honest it happens to me as well but not with any predictable regularity (so no ticket from my end). Both clipper (the old working one) and the android client. I wonder if the signal gets interrupted and it then attempts to continue or restart what appears to be a failed upload and then you end up with multiple copies. 

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