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(Archived) Multiiple (unwanted) posts


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This has happened to me on windows too, but most recently happened to me with my android phone.



There are 8 (EIGHT) different copies of a single note I made in my evernote notebook.  


This latest example was a short audio note of about 2 minutes.  Something berserked out and I have 8 copies of it.

I worry about what this will do to my quota, of course, just as I'm very close to subscribing to premium.  If this happens

when I post a video, my 1 GB bandwidth could be used Really Quick!


It also happened on windows before. I can't remember if I was using the web login or the application on my laptop.


Solutions?   Others with same problem?   Fix ?

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Hi - welcome to the forums.  Clearly you don't do things by halves.  I've had the occasional duplicate note,  but 8 is a record (AFAIK).  Definitely worth raising a support ticket (see my sig) but also I'd say nothing to worry overmuch about.  How were you recording the sound?  Via the Evernote sound option,  or a separate app?  And do the 8 notes repeat on your phone and Evernote desktop?  Do they all have the same created date and time?

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I also have the same problem. I don't know what it depends on, but occasionally some of the articles I was trying to save via webclipper would be clipped 3 to 5 times - exactly the same, with the same creation time. I usually don't fuss about it, just delete the extras, but's it's extra work which I shouldn't have to do. A better option would be to figure out why this happens and avoid duplicates at all.

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