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Quickly saving gmail messages




I like saving some mail I get in my Gmail account with web clipper. It almost works fine. But there is an obstacle: to get a clean message to save as a note onto Evernote, we have first to click on the "print" button to be redirected to the printer friendly page, then cancel the print dialog. This is to avoid bringing in non-relevant page elements to the note, such as the gmail menus on the left.


There could be a function to instantly get the clean, printer-friendly version of a message to our notebook! :)

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Oh, I agree.  I've always used the more difficult way, since I guess it strips out all of the gmail scripting that makes interpreting the page hard for the clipper.  


The third option is to forward the email to your dedicated EN address.  Once you delete the new text created by the forwarding process, the outputs look almost as good as the 'clipped from print' image.



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Forward to your Evernote email address is the simpler and neater way to do this, but I am guessing that Leozin doesn't want to do this based on his statement that he likes using Clipper.


Have you tried using 'Clearly'?


Best regards



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Forwarding is ok... but not ideal. The point is not that I just like using the clipper (it is good indeed), but the look&feel the gmail messages have when viewed in the print mode. 






Forwarding will almost bring only the plain text. 


I asked about this because I user Evernote for gathering evidence to bring to court, including e-mail messages... the simple forwarded message will lose fidelity when compared to the message viewed on Gmail's interface :)


Clearly is good, but for reading only. If you bring a page being viewed on Clearly onto Evernote, you'll only see basically plain text.

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