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(Archived) Pasting the URL of "Copy Note Link" rather than the rich text (Note Title hyperlinked)



I use a task management app called Appigo Todo and I'd like to paste note links into the Description field on Todo, however, when I paste today, it comes in as hyperlinked text of the Note Title and when I hit Done, it's changed to plain text and is not a link. 


One workaround I've found is to Copy Note Link from Evernote, go to my browser and paste the Note Link into the address bar, copy that, and paste it into Todo. That then creates a hyperlink for the evernote:///.... which then takes me to the app like I want. It's not ideal, but it works.


I was looking for a way to use the new Workflow actions inside Alfred to automate the Copy Note Link and transform it to the URL, but so far, I've not been successful at that. Does anyone know of a way to paste the URL of a Note Link instead of the Note Title?


After my workaround, I can click the link on the task to go to it in Evernote desktop. 


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You can create a link from the Evernote web app as that creates an https link that ToDo recognises - kind of what you are already doing I think but maybe removes a few steps. Evernote lets you copy the link directly to the clipboard with one click. It helps if you keep the Evernote web app open in a browser window, I pin mine in chrome. Hope that helps.


Edit - you can access the note link url from the app itself without having to go to the web app, go to Note/Share/Copy Share URL to clipboard - still opens the note in a browser window. Also, as it's a publicly shared (but secret) link you don't need to have the Evernote web app open, it should just open in your default browser.


2nd edit - Have now found a better way to do it - I've been trying to solve the same problem as you probably gathered. Copy the note link from Evernote, paste the note link into the Todo notes field, right click the link that gets pasted there, select edit link, then copy the link destination from the edit task window that opens, click cancel to close that window and then paste that back into the notes field overwriting the original link.


Problem solved! 



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Since you're on the Mac, its worth looking into Applescript. The Evernote Mac client grants access to a note's URL in Applescript. Thus, it is easy to get that information within a script and do various things with it. I do not have the ToDo app you are discussing, so I can't be too specific, but if that app has decent Applescripting support, you could write a script to get the URL of the note you want and insert it into the note. 

Although I am not certain about it being instantly "clickable", as again I don't have the app. Below is a script to get the note URL of the selected note in Evernote:


tell application "Evernote"

set theSelection to selection

if theSelection is {} then display dialog "Please select a note."

set noteURL to note link of theSelection

end tell


You could then, for instance, script the ToDo app to insert the noteURL variable into the text field. 

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Thank you for the example Applescript. I may try that. I do use the app launcher called Alfred and they now support workflows with Applescript so I may try putting those together to do a single keystroke that would do the whole deal. For now, this thread is going in Evernote for reference when I try it out. Thanks for the help.

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I forgot that Evernote is a bit funky in Applescript. You can't directly get note information from the selection. You MUST run it through a repeat loop, even if you only have one item selected (presumably because it is possible to select multiple items in Evernote). So the script must be:


tell application "Evernote"

set theSelection to selection

if theSelection is {} then display dialog "Please select a note."

repeat with i from 1 to count of theSelection

set noteURL to note link of item i of theSelection

end repeat

end tell

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