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(Archived) EN is telling me I am not a premium customer and telling me I've used half of my quota

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I AM a premium customer and can even see in my account settings that my last annual purchase was on 5/6/2012 (see attached screenshots), so I'd assume that means it should run til 5/6/2013?


The only thing I can think of is that I subscribed to a corporate account and then promptly cancelled it a couple of months ago when i saw EN for business didn't even support stacks.  That should have had 0 effect on my personal account but I am mentioning it in case it is causing this.



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Are you signed in to the same username in both places? If so, you may be experiencing a synchronization error locally that is causing Evernote not to see your Premium membership. Please file a support ticket with our team, and submit a log file so that we can troubleshoot your issue.

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