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(Archived) disconnect computer with cellphone

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around 3 or 4 days ago. my internet had been not working. during that time i saved datas through computer and cellphone.

from yesterday internet was recovered so i tried to deliever data from cellphone to computer or from computer to cellphone

but failed several times. they were absolutely seperated on each datas

then i informed evernote seoul branch to get resolution from them.

accroding to staff notice is it is impossible to find out and she continued

most members in korea, in that case is so many and they solved that problem like below

1. remove and reinstall in cellphone


but that is extreamly losses. in my case, there were so many crutial data in cellphone.

and it means that when i reinstall the evernote, i lost all infomation in my cellphone.

what should i do.

before this happing, i trust evernote so much but now i feel disappointment very much

please check this situation and send me suitable resolution

my internet adress is yeoboge0822@hanmail.net



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Hi - welcome to the forums.  You've already taken the action I would normally recommend in this situation - raise a support ticket.  This is a user forum,  though Evernote staff do read the posts and occasionally join in - unfortunately I can't say that we'll be able to suggest much more than you already know.


There's no way I'm aware of to preserve the notes other than one at a time - you should have an option to email a note/ copy note which will preserve some information at least.  You also have some share options that might help - again with individual notes. 


Can you log into your web account successfully?  That may allow you to see what notes have been synced and which ones need more action.  You could try setting up another free account to see whether it's possible to sync your phone with that - assuming you can get a 'login failed' error and re-enter your user name and password...

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Try to send the notes from Evernote on your cellphone to your E-Mail address. Open each note, press the "Share" button, then press "E-Mail".


I don't know what Evernote client you're using (iPhone, Android, …), but I still hope this helps. If it doesn't try to contact Evernote support again.


Edit: Maybe you can find useful information in the Korean Knowledge Base: http://evernote.com/intl/ko/contact/support/kb/

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