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(Archived) About search using multi-tag

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我想说的是:你们的多标签检索弄的太差了,每次想输入多个标签检索的时候,都要输入tag:  tag:,为什么不能直接输入 标签1 标签2,难道不觉得繁琐吗?这个问题已经提出好多次了,也对你们的微博账号提出过,收到的回复不过是“以后改进...”,我不明白,这种功能早就应该做了,实现起来也不困难,为什么你们一个一个新版本的推,这个功能始终没加上?还是说你们认为用户用一个标签就可以快速定位笔记?










First of all, I am a free user.

Secondly, I am using the international version.

Thirdly, it is not proposed bug, a user needs.


I want to say is: get your multi-tag search bad, every time you want to enter multiple tags to retrieve must enter the tag: tag: Why can not directly enter the label label, do not feel cumbersome. ? This issue has been raised many times, your microblogging account the responses received, but later improved ... ", I do not understand, this is long overdue, and implement is not difficult , why do you push a new version, this feature did not always add? Or do you think a label can quickly locate notes?


I would like to ask how many people you push the new changes? At least I did not feel any difference in the last several versions use.


Take a look at other similar products, Wiz, proper way and so on, has submitted a demand channels, you do? Can only solve the problem, do not want to locate the user needs it?



I spent 20 minutes to talk about multi-tag search, and I want some feedback, If you have a plan to prove this issue, Please let me know.





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This is a user forum, if you want to talk directly to Evernote then you should open a support request. It should be noted that Evernote very rarely discuss their roadmap or forthcoming functionality.

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