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(Archived) Add signature feature to Evernote

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Will you please add a signature feature to Evernote? As of September, all teachers in NJ must keep detailed notes, including student extra help after school. I can make a note to record names of each student who attends, but I also need each student's signature. I tried using APP's that allow a student to use their finger on the ipad to sign their name, but I had difficulty importing it into the note. It would be most convenient if Evernote had that feature to sign a signature using your finger onto a note. I want to bring Evernote to my colleagues as a way to have mobile "binders" of our work stored paperless. I just need this roadblock taken down. Ideas, anyone?

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Hi - welcome to the forums.


There's no way that Evernote can implement a specific feature within a few months,  unless they already had something in the pipeline.  Off the top of my head I'd say the prime way to capture this detail would be to take a picture of a pen and paper signature - or maybe to take a picture of the student(s) direct?


Skitch also maybe has some possibilities for signature capture..

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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