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(Archived) OS X Pinwheel when editing PDF from note



Hi everyone!


I've been having problems editing PDFs in my notes as of late. At first I was having an issue when making some annotations in preview from a PDF in a note. When I was done (or occasionally, as I was working) Evernote would hang for a long while (several minutes) and then suddenly pop back to life with the edited note. These PDFs were big (several megs), so I thought maybe it was the file size causing some problems. I hadn't had the issue in previous versions of Evernote, but whatever.


Today, I was working with smaller PDFs (less than 200K), all single page. All I did was rotate the PDF as the scan put it upside down. When I did so, Evernote hung again for about 5 minutes with just the spinning pinwheel (in fact, it was still stuck as I started writing this post). Anytime I edit a PDF and save it, Evernote siezes up like this. The only way to ensure this doesn't completely destroy my work flow is to open all the PDFs I want to open at once and make all of my changes at one time. Evernote will still be stuck, but I can at least then still access the PDFs and edit them. Eventually, Evernote sorts this out and everything is ok, but only after a several minute break.


Is this a known bug? Do I have something else weird going on? Any ideas?



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Hi Jeff,


No, it was any editing of any PDF. Mostly just highlighting sections in Preview.


That being said a reboot 5 minutes after I replied (which I tried about 6 times the last time I worked on things) seems to have fixed it this morning. Weird stuff!

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