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(Archived) Formatting bar not displayed correctly

Simon Collins

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I'm using Evernote for Windows and on my home PC I can't access the full formatting bar in the notes window without expanding it to fit the whole screen.


I usually have Evernote right-aligned on my desktop so it fills half the screen and is easy to switch between.

This means the formatting bar displays the font, font size, font colour, bold, italics, underline and strike through.

There are three arrows which I'm sure used to expand the formatting bar to display other thing such as the checkbox.


But now when I click them they just display the outline of an empty window with fills the top half of the screen.


I'm using the latest version of Evernote.

I've attached an example screenshot of what happens when you press the 'three arrows' button.


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Hi Simon, welcome to the forum :)

This is something that I have seen before as well, although I had trouble after using the skitch button in the top menu.

I can also replicate this with the latest beta ( (268708)) and see that this happens not only with the formatting bar but the other toolbars at the top.


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