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Is there any major update of Evernote for Windows planned?


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If there was an update planned, the people who would be in the know would not comment on it since Evernote has a policy against releasing information about such plans for upcoming releases.    Of course, that doesn't prevent idle speculation from those of us who don't know anything about it...   :)

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Evernote is continually updating their clients, including the Windows client. As skellam notes, they do not release information about schedule and feature roadmaps. The best way to know what is upcoming in the public releases is to follow the beta releases. Personally, I don't care if the "design is pretty old" (a debatable point anyways); it must be functional, and as a fair amount of commentary would suggest, the Windows client is the most functional Evernote client for the desktop, if not overall, by many measures. If you have specific suggestions for updating the design or functionality, then posting those is welcome.

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