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(Archived) Feature Request: The ability to view recently added notes



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Do you have a List View by created date?*  Wouldn't that have your latest notes at the top?


* Windows user here.  Sorry.

I try to explain in more detail. When you clicking on the icon in the menu bar, appears a window like this:



I suggest to add the ability to view and access recently added notes. Something like this


Of course, the latter added note is at the top of the list.

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I would say that what you're proposing is a bit of a mixed UI. On the one hand, you have a control that is ostensibly there to allow you to create a new note, while on the other hand, you're also showing in the same area, recent notes, that I'm guessing that you would then pick and open. I can see the latter operation as being useful, but I'm guessing that the UI folks would want to express it in a different way, to avoid confusion. Perhaps a new icon at the top of that control would make this list appear, separately from the Create Note UI.

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