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(Archived) Editing Penultimate-Originated Notes

Martin Packer

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I created a note out of a sequence of Penultimate pages, the idea being that you build up in stages, each stage being a page.


(I did this by copying the last page into a new one and adding new stuff.)


Here's the note. It's a test so I'm very happy to share it: https://t.co/03cmTjILXH


Now I want to continue the experiment by adding text between the pages in an Evernote note. The Evernote Mac client says I have to open it in Penultimate but that won't give me the chance to put typed text between the drawn pages.


Any ideas?


This technique of built-up slides would be really handy for explaining concepts or, as in this case, showing how to build something up.

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Let me see if I follow what your train of thought here.


  • You have created content in Penultimate.
  • You want to "edit" this content on your Mac
  • You want it to sync so you can view this content on Penultimate 

In other words, sync penultimate across platform. 


I have a WACOM pen tablet attached to my keyboard all the time, so this is a very appealing idea.


I tried this, and it looks like it doesn't sync changes back to Penultimate when I scribble something on my mac, save, and sync. 


Have you made any progress since you posted this?

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This worked for me when I tried it:

  • Go to the first page you want to create an Evernote note from
  • Click the "share" icon in the upper right corner (the box with an arrow curving to the right in it)
  • Select "Open Page In"
  • Choose Evernote from the options offered
  • Save that single page as a note
  • Create a new note in Evernote that contains the typed information you want to follow the the Penultimate page with & save it
  • Repeat this process as needed for each page
  • In Evernote (I've only done this on the desktop version), select all of the individual notes you have now created
  • Choose "Merge"
  • Ta da!!
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