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ios Sync kindle app (ipad) notes and highlights to evernote

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Hey everyone.


I read a lot of books on the kindle app on my ipad and take notes in evernote. It's pretty clunky as it involves app switching and you can't copy/paste from kindle/ibooks due to DRM. If you highlight and/or make notes in the kindle app these are available if you log in to your amazon account through a web browser. Has anyone found a way to automatically sync these highights and notes to evernote? I see a lot of talk about manual solutions but nothing automatic.


It drives me crazy so I'm considering building a solution (I'm a developer) that allows me to stay productive with hasslefree access to my notes and highlights, but I don't want to reinvent the wheel if there's already something out there.


Would anyone else find this useful? If so would you pay (something small) for it?




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I use Instapaper to collate reading material whose native format is digital.


I then use Instapaper's settings to send that material, 50 articles at a time, to my Kindle.


I read the articles and highight relevant passages on my Kindle.


I then manually return to Instapaper, and use the Evernote web clipper (often with Clearly) to replicate the highlighting of each article on my Kindle, so that I end up with the article - and highights - in Evernote.


If you can develop a way for me to automate just some of this I will pay you!



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Please, please, please do this. As a grad student who's started using Kindle for IPad for reading/highlighting any app (either stand alone or an applet to interface with Kindle/EN) that does allows me to export them from Kindle to EN in bulk would be amazing and certainly something I'd pay to have. If it could differentiate between highlights of different colors (either by allowing them to be exported seperately, or brought into EN in different notes, or just brought in in different colored highlights, would also be greatly appreciated.

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Yes! Definitely a much needed feature to be able to sync my highlights and notes from my kindle in to Evernote! Was just talking with a friend and we were looking for something to do just this!

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