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(Archived) Broken Images in Related Results

Darth Stuckey

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Two different machines, both Macs -- one running Lion, the other running Mountain Lion - and leveraging Chrome (27) with the Evernote Web Clipper.


If I do a search in Google, the "Related Results" that Evernote injects into the Google page have broken images.


I've hunted around the forums, tried disabling any cookie or extensions, and in general just tried to troubleshoot why the images are coming up broken.


Is anyone else experiencing this?


Any suggestions? It's completely minor, but very annoying to see broken images rather than the note preview.



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This additional info may help to track the problem.  I noticed if I visit the broken image URL I get an http 403.  However the second time I visit it works.  Interesting JavaScript message regarding the protocol too.  Would love this to work again.  Thanks.



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Thanks Martyn, that is very helpful posting the console logs. We are checking into this. Will post back here with findings. It is clear that this issue does not affect everyone so we are looking for possible causes. 

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Any update on this?  I miss this feature more than Donald Trump misses his hair (as well as common sense, rationality and the point of course).  


Web pages with broken images are so depressing, they look like spare pricks at an orgy, please please please can we have a fix?  Can I bribe you?  How much will it take?  I'll have a word with the Donald, I've always said what a wonderful man he is, perhaps he can work an apprentice program for the dev team?


Thank you,


Evernote user with lots of notes and back-of-the-crisp-packet systems architect.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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