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(Archived) Android Saved Search Widget


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ummm I've got a couple of saved searches  that I added shortcuts to my home screen. Select the saved search within the EN app, bottom right hand corner - click the three little dots, one of the options is "Add to Home Screen"

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Don't feel bad Gazumped, I was blind too! It's right there... 

when you hit the saved search (and you see your results on the screen) just click the menu (three little vertical squares) and add to home screen should be there. Tried it today and it worked. 


I teach and originally I wanted all my lesson plans from the last months tagged under the school I'm working at to be saved as an advanced searched. I now have it. I can have a button on my Android that takes me straight there, to my work documents. It is so awesome. Thanks again, Denise! 

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