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(Archived) Evernote Helper's behavior--is this normal?



When I create a note using the Evernote Helper in the menubar, I get two results, depending on whether the Evernote application is open:


  1. If Evernote isn't open, the next time I open Evernote, the note I typed into Helper doesn't appear.
  2. If Evernote is open, the note I typed into Helper immediately appears in Evernote's window. Also, notes I previously made in Helper while Evernote wasn't open (#1) suddenly appear as well.


I'm pretty sure this shouldn't happen, as it's kinda pointless to add notes and then not see them the next time you open Evernote--and the only way to see them is to create a new note in Helper while Evernote is still open.



I'm running OS 10.7.5 on a desktop iMac; Evernote version is Version 5.0.7 (400993).



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Hi Evernote,


I have the exact same problem right now with the Evernote Helper. It's a shame because its so useful if I could just type and save without opening Evernote proper. Unfortunately, like the OP, none of my notes get saved properly. 


I'm running the latest version of OS X and Evernote 5.0.7

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Okay, after completely uninstalling Evernote, restarting my iMac, and then installing the application again from the App Store, the menubar Helper does appear to be working. I tried screenshotting as well as text, and both were synched to Evernote even though the application wasn't open.


Thank you for your work on this!

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