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Skitch Aspect Ratio Problem

Mark Frisk


I'm having a problem with the aspect ratio of Skitch screengrabs that I share with Evernote.


See the attached jpegs. One is a capture of the Skitch interface, with correct aspect ratio.


The second shows what happens to the image after it's shared to Evernote.


I have examined settings, searched the forums, for a solution, but haven't found anything. Perhaps I'm just missing something.


At any rate, obviously I cannot share squashed aspect ratio screen grabs with clients, so some insight here would be appreciated.


Thanks in advance...





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@Mark - I'm not sure what the cause of this is, but it is possible Skitch 1.0 is not saving the the image out correctly to Evernote.


In Skitch 2.x, Skitch saves the notes directly to Evernote and any changes to the graphic size is a result of Evernote simply sizing to fit the note window. 


It might be an issue with Skitch 1.x (which is no longer supported) or an issue with the image inside of the Evernote note. 


You may want to try upgrading to Skitch 2.0 and see if you are having the same issues. Likewise you can try dragging a different image into Evernote and see if you have the same issue. If you do, I recommend opening up a customer service ticket for Evernote, so our Customer Service team can investigate. 

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I came across this post while seeking an answer to the same problem. For the benefit of others who arrive here, I stumbled across a solution that worked for me:


I found that rotating the image within Evernote (i.e. right click image --> rotate clockwise) seemed to reset the image dimensions in Evernote to match those in Skitch.


Worked for me...hope it helps someone else.

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