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Evernote Feature Idea - Dynamic Notes

Rob Kellington


Feature is "dynamic notes"

 - Each is a "search" - just like normal Evernote Search

 - like a SQL View - results can be "refreshed"  (updated)  

 - results - the content of the note, would be a list of all the matching Note titles with links to the note


Would let me manage all the "Lists" we keep in Evernote (example: Project list), where each note is a step


The single dynamic note is then like a table of contents, or an index of the other notes


Enhanced feature:

Add the ability to apply/change a TAG on notes with a click.  This could mark a specific note on the list as "done" for example.

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Would be very great too if we can have dynamic attributes


For example, we can have a note that has inside a list of notes returned by a query and, that note, could be associeted with a combobox that lets us change de notebook of the notes.


 It would be very useful for people, like me, who use notes to remind taks. So, when a task is peending, it is ot the notebook Peending. When the task is finished, it goes to the notebook "Completed"

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