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(Archived) Evernote on Samsung Galaxy Tab

Runner Girl

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Thanks for responding, the lag is only in evernote.  My email and other apps are fine.  Even the external keyboard works fine in other apps.  Huge issue for me as it kills my business productivity.  I am going to need to find a new note taking app for my tablet.  Looking at OneNote but it is not as feature rich as Evernote.

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OK - I'd raise a support ticket now (see link below).  There's no reason for the app to be that slow.  Do you have a lot of offline notes?


I'd suggest some basic housekeeping - clear your app caches,  Evernote's cache (via settings) and restart the tablet.  Empty any trash items.  Sync with the server.  Try the keyboard again!

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I also see this problem with my tablet, Archos 101G9 and a Zagg keyboard. I found that if the note I am editing is large, there is a lot of lag. If the note is new and empty, I dont see any lag at all. It might have to do with resources of the tablet. But I have not been able to confirm that yet.

Just FYI

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