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(Archived) Free Premium Subscription for Telekom Customers (Germany)

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Hi there,


In case you haven't heard.


If you are a customer of Telekom (Germany), you can pick up a free one year subscription. Follow the link in the bottom left corner of the German Evernote main page:



The offer is restricted to customers of Telekom in Germany (as far as I know). It doesn't matter if you're a customer of their landline or mobile services. But even if you are both, you only get to get one free year of premium (yes, I've tried :)).


As usual, if you already are premium user, the year gets added to the end of your current subscription (so if you now have 6 months left, you will have 18 months left after picking up the promotion).


Here's the direct link to Telekom's promotion page:





Für diejenigen, die es noch nicht mitbekommen haben:


Telekom-Kunden bekommen ein kostenloses Evernote-Premium-Jahr (im Wert von 40 EUR): http://www.telekom.de/evernote

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