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(Archived) EN crashes when attaching a file to note





not sure what'sa happend but my EN crashes everytime I try to attach a file to note. Basicaly, just after I hit the paperclip icon, it crashes immediately.


It is happening both on my Mac and on my office PC as well. I have to open the browser version to add a file to note. That's kind of annoying and complicating things...


I am attaching my mac's log, hope it helps.


Thanks a lot for any advice...




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Hi Kat and welcome to the forum,


Can you confirm what size and type of file you are trying to attach to a Note?


I think the 'Activity Log' would be a better bet if you can attach that.


Have you tried to re boot the software - not that I am hopeful if you are having the same problem on Windows and Mac. Which again makes me think it might related to the file you are trying to attach!


Best regards



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Hello Chris,


thanks a lot for the warm reply! And I appreciate the speed!


I did not put it precisely before, but is does not matter what file it as the EN crashes immidiately after I hit the paperclip. The dialog does not even open, meaning I do not even get the chance to select the file I want to upload. (It was simple 80kB xlsx file that is easily uploaded via browser and I have no troubles to repostion it  within the note using desktop EN once it is uploaded.


Size of the note itself should not matter either - I tried to attach a file to empty note too to see whether it is single-note or more general problem.


I am attaching the EN activity log for reference (I cropped just couple of days backwards to reduce the file size but left the heading in).


Thanks again!

Kat. Evernote_400993_2013-04-11.txt

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Hi Kat,


Thanks for the reply.


Not quite sure what is happening as I am not by my Mac which is at home in my study.


Have you tried to drag and drop the file onto the Note? This is how I always do it on my Windows computer.


Best regards



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