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(Archived) IMAP folders on Windows Mobile 6.1

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I'm not sure if this is an issue with the mail client in WM6.1 or with evernote... I set up an imap account on the mail client for my evernote account. It connected fine and created all the notebook folders correctly but it is downloading all the notes into the main inbox and not into the folders. Is there a special setting for this?


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This should work correctly. The Inbox will give your most recent notes (from any notebook), and then each folder should have the contents from that one notebook. You may need to subscribe to the notebooks you want on your mail client, however, in order to get it to pull those notes down.

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Sorry for my delay in replying. I did discover that I had to go into the properties of each folder independently and select it for download. After that I was able to get the contents of the folder ONCE. A copy still remained in the inbox as well, however. And, once I deleted all the messages I could get them to re-sync into the Inbox (can't really stop them from doing that) but nevermore into the individual folders.

I'd be curious to know if anyone else has this working using one of the other WM email clients...

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I had the same issue on the mail reader that comes with WM6.1. I'm switching to FlexMail and the notes are downloaded into correct IMAP folders. So far my experience with FlexMail is positive. The program has more options and displays non-English text better.

It doesn't surprise me that it requires something better than the built in MS mail client to get it to work. Thanks!

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