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(Archived) changing user name

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having started a test account with a rather useless user name, i now find its such a useful app that i want all my notes etc to appear under a share and email friendly user name that doesn't look like spam when i email notes to friends etc.

Is there any way of changing my account username or exporting to another new account?

thanks in advance for any hot ideas


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There's no way to safely change the username of an account, since it's tied into various things that might break.

From either of our desktop applications, you can use the Export command to export a notebook to a file on your computer, that can be imported back into either client later.

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It's also not safe to change the username on a Premium account. If it's critical to have a different username, you could cancel before the end of your month/year and open a new account, but we don't have any accommodations for importing 2GB into a new account just for a username change.

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