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(Archived) Can I place evernote in Icloud?

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Technically yes.  It's a little hacky though and very much not recommended.

Secondly, your Evernote data is already in the "cloud", Evernotes servers.


If you're looking for a local backup to Evernote's server side data, I'd suggest plugging in an empty external hard drive to your Mac, and turn on Time Machine in System Preferences.

Then your local data is backed up every hour.

You could (though I would suggest it needlessly redundant to Time Machine) also take point in time backups locally from within Evernote (http://www.documentsnap.com/how-to-export-your-data-out-of-evernote/ ).  No affiliation with the link, it was just the first complete and screenshotted Google hit.

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