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(Archived) Note Links Bug in Mac Version



I believe there seems to be a bug with handling note links on the Mac app. When touching a clickable link for a note on an external app evernote responded correctly but with an Invalid note link error message stating "This note cannot be opened because the note link is invalid." 


What is interesting is that if I highlight that link, right click on it and select "Open URL" from the OS X Services sub-menu (right-click) it does open up. The only difference I could see is that when I clicked on it the link that was being sent doesn't contain a finalizing forward slash "/" whereas when I highlight it it did. To confirm I just put an evernote note link into a plain text editor (TextWrangler) and performed the right-click Open URL test again. Once by highlighting the whole thing and another time by erasing the last forward slash and trying again. Again, when erasing the last forward slash it doesn't work.


Maybe the code expects that last forward slash and by defaults trims the last character and when it doesn't have it then it is trimming the last digit of the guid and thus it is making that guid invalid.


Anyways, sometimes this causes problems because for example for some reason when I copy a note link from the evernote app into a different application that last slash is not present so I end up having to go into the link and modify it.


Has anybody else run into this problem?



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I know it's been a few months, but I am having the exact same issue. I've also reproduced the "fix" wherein selecting "Open URL" in the right-click menu works perfectly. 


My guess is that this might be application specific. I am putting note links into Mendeley where I organize journal articles. Clicking on the launch link button in that application leads to an "invalid link" dialog box. Is it possible the button, or in the case of other applications the hyperlink, is inserting a bit of code that is creating an invalid link?


I would definitely like this to be fixed so that I could better link my two applications. Let me know if you've figured out a fix.

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