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(Archived) Evernotes smooths Handwriting notes


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Hi everybody,


I was not able to find a solution, that is why I am trying my luck here.


I want to use handwriting notes, but it annoys me that Evernote always smooths, straighten my handwriting (see attached screenshot). With this behaviour Evernote is useless for me. I hope you can give some advice how to turn it off.


I am using Evernote on a Thinkpad X230 Tablet (Win 8 x64) with a stylus pen. 


Best regards


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Hi - welcome to the forums.  Hadn't realised Evernote was such a neat freak.  Don't know of any settings in Evernote that would help - only suggestion: have a look at the Moleskine notebook.  You could maybe keep actual written notes and photograph them into Evernote?

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buying a extra notebook is not a solution after buying a convertible notebook mit stylus input. I am trying to switch from OneNote to Evernote. Written handnotes were pretty perfect in OneNote. I think it is a weird function of Evernote to straighten the handwriting input. I am also wondering why am I the only person who is annoyed of this feature. The Evernote options also have no settings for this feature.  :(  :(  :(

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Do you need your notes OCR'd?  The only reason I can think of for Evernote to post-process the text would be to assist with indexing.  If OneNote doesn't do that (and I have no idea...) then that may be the difference.  Try raising this with the support team (see link below) as a query and as general feedback - maybe they can at least explain what's going on here...

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This solved my problems.


Dear Valued Customer,

There should be a little icon near the top shaped like a star. If you toggle this button, it should disable the automatic smoothing of your lines. Test this out and let me know if that doesn't solve your issue.

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