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(Archived) Global search problem.



This ...



... I do not understand. Why is my search list empty if the word I am searching for is contained within a note (I added a few hours ago).


This has happened to me a dozen of times with various words contained in headlines, content of notes, note names etc. and I have no idea what the problem is. It happens occasionally and I am not able to reproduce it. But for sure I can tell you this: It is making me SICK!


The global search function (for me) is the most important function in a note taking program. I've been switching back from nvALT to Evernote over the last couple of hours and its making me sad.


Please tell me, I only have some kind of checkbox unchecked to deactivate this mistake!


Ok I only JUST found out why. In this case I was searching in "_Sonstiges". But why hasn't this[1] badge-thing shown up?? Boy I'm finding so many consistency issues in this program :-(



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Hi. Welcome to the forums.


I have reported this in the past, so you can rest assured that the developers know about it, and are doing their best to fix it. I also encounter it (a blank screen with 0 notes) many, many times a day. If you do a search and then change a bunch of titles in a row you'll have to restart a search, because it will start to return 0 notes. Sometimes, you'll enter a search and it will work. Other times, it returns 0 notes. It is infuriating, but fortunately not terribly confusing. Basically, anytime I get 0 notes for a search, I know to just clear the search and try again. Hope this helps. 

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Just a reminder that this is still a problem. Every few minutes or so on the Mac, I lose the note I am editing, and searches regularly do not work. This only happens when I have the search filtered (this morning it was "intitle:journal"). It is a challenge to work if you touch type and are reading something on another screen (the iPad) while typing. When I turn back to the computer, my note is gone, and some of the content I have been typing is lost :( I am pretty used to it by now, but I really would like to see this fixed...

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Any word yet on a beta that tackles this issue? I keep track of business contacts with EN and have a text expander snippet that I use to quickly search my contact database. The snippet expands to: notebook:crm tag:contacts intitle: and then I add the name of the contact after intitle: Until today this worked flawlessly but now continually shows 0 results until I remove the intitle: operator.


Can't wait 'till the search is back up to snuff,


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