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(Archived) Pictures scale on android but not windows


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I have started using evernote last week and am loving it.


I’m really thinking about upgrading  but there is one thing
keeping me from it.


I take allot of pictures of whiteboards in meetings, menus,
concept art, etc... and when viewed on my android device the picture
scales to the note window without a problem and I can tap it to make
it full screen.


The problem is that on the windows side, the pictures are blown up
to their full size no matter what and I cannot see the whole picture
in the note window.  Its completely unusable.


Is there a way for me to have the pictures automatically scale as
they do on my android while using evernote desktop?


This is a really big issue for me and really hope there is a way
to do this.

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Hey Adol - welcome to the forums.  There's no setting to slim a picture down to the display size,  but you can change the picture size by altering the resolution of the pictures you're taking.  Some experiment may be required because too low a quality won't show whiteboard detail,  but try a few tests,  starting at minimum and going to max to see what gives best results.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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