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(Archived) Wired problem with automatic whitespaces - SQL-Scripts


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I use Evernote for SQL-Scripts a lot, but there is the problem that whitespaces are inserted everywhere in the code, is there a possibility to turn this off?





Original script:

select top(10)
(qst.total_physical_reads/qst.execution_count) as avg_reads,
last_physical_reads as last_reads,
from sys.dm_exec_query_stats as qst
cross apply sys.dm_exec_sql_text (qst.sql_handle) as que
order by qst.total_physical_reads/qst.execution_count desc


After evernote "parsed" it - via copy & paste to evernote:

select top ( 10)
que .text ,
( qst. total_physical_reads /qst . execution_count) as avg_reads ,
last_physical_reads as last_reads,
qst .execution_count
from sys . dm_exec_query_stats as qst
cross apply sys. dm_exec_sql_text (qst . sql_handle) as que
order by qst. total_physical_reads /qst . execution_count desc

kind regards


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You could try paste-as-text (Ctrl+Shift+V) when you paste these into Evernote. Might also be something in the clip source; I use a tool called Clipboard Format Spy to help diagnose these kinds of problems. At the very least, this sort of input is good for the devs to get.

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I use Ctrl+Shift+V


Thanks for the input with the tool: Is seems, the RTF appends a space after each \... - Tag and Evernote identifies this as whitespace, while inserting to MS Word gives the correct result




kind regards


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I'd need to read the RTF standard to know what the correct behavior is. Although every post is read by Evernote staff, if you really want to know about this scenario, you could open a support request for it.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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