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(Archived) More text formatting please

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I think the formatting options are missing one very important option: strike.

Like in HTML: something I want to delete with <del></del>

As you can see, this forum does it easily.

Thank you!


Hi. Welcome to the forums! Evernote on iOS (iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch), Windows (CTRL + T), and Mac (CMD+CTRL+K) have strikethrough. Are you using either of these platforms? 

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Thank you GrumpyMonkey!

I'm on a Mac and I didn't know about that hotkey command. I was looking for a button more like the Bold-Italic-Underlined buttons already in place. Can't this be implemented easily?

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Can't this be implemented easily?

Yes. Maybe. We don't know.

This is a user forum, and feature requests are welcome. However, Evernote doesn't usually give insights into their future feature release plans or schedules. That being said (and the properties of the forum notwithstanding, since that is neither an Evernote product or client), some Evernote clients do have this capability, as GM says, and it would be nice if they were available universally.

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