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(Archived) Feature Request: Sidebar tag list shows only tags in current notes



One of the things I am really missing from the previous Evernote version is the ability to have the tag list in the side bar show only tags that are active on my currently selected notes.  


Yes, I realize I can see currently active tags by clicking on the tag icon at the top, but this extra step just does not work into my thought process nearly as well as the more visual ability to watch my tag list shrink as I chose notebooks, tags or searches.  That very visual "drill down" ability from having the tag list in the side bar be active tags only is seriously missing for me.  


I have LOTS of tags, many of which are associated primarily with one notebook.  (No need for me to see all my recipe tags for example when I'm working in my writing inspiration notebook).


Before this feature of having the tag list show only assigned tags was introduced, I had my tag list divided out and nested more or less by notebook (all recipe tags nested together.)  This worked, but was clunky.  When show assigned tags was introduced I went through the process of un-nesting all my tags to create  a single alpha list - MUCH nicer to work with when the show assigned tags was working.


However, now the program has taken a step back for me - much to my frustration!


Please consider bringing back the option to have the side bar show only assigned tags.


Thank you! 

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