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Web Clipper drop-down for "add tags"?


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I'd like to be able to click in (or near) the "add tags" field and get a drop-down of all my defined tags. I've even seen reference to this feature as if it already exists, but if it does, I have not the wit to find it in either Firefox 19.0.2 or Chrome 25.0.1364.172 m. Is there something I might have misconfigured? I'm using Web Clipper 5.5.1, Evernote


The feature would be better if the drop-down list started with a (configurable) number of the most recenty used tags, followed by all the tags in in alphabetical order.

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Hello, this feature 

...I could use auto-complete, but if I don't remember, it's no help at all...

has many points in common with the "Web Clipper Feature Request: Remember My Previous Tags", 

since the feature "Smart Filing" doesn't works for tags (or "Smart Filling"), it poorly fails and NEVER WORKS FINE.

Or it could have to be mixed with a recent-previous tags criterium.


As @jefito wrote


I would probably use this feature -- if I am researching something, I commonly have several separate web pages that I want to clip, somewhat identically, at the same time. A drop-down of tag sets recently used (even if it were limited to 10 or so tag sets) would be useful. While for some uses, I defer tagging to when it's more convenient (like for auto import), tagging early saves a step.


also me the same thing! (especially if you have to write more than one tag in order to better use the Evernote features)

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