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(Archived) Intent to open Stack or Notebook

Joe Walton

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I attempting to use an Android intent to interact with Evernote by using Tasker

I would like to open a Notebook rather than an individual note. I don't think there is a VIEW_NOTEBOOK action but i was wondering if there is a way to achieve this via a search query?


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Thanks for the reply Gazumped,

Oh well, I thought that was the case.

I was hoping to open a notebook where i keep by my to-do list (a notebook) through an action.

Each list item is a different note, I collect them from emails, meeting, web etc rather thank in a single note. Life is just easier this way when using mobile

One for the feature request thread possibly?

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You can put a shortcut to a note on your desktop,  which will open the note directly.  If you update that note with links to others in your to do list,  you can open the index note and jump to any other that you might need.  Maybe?


Evernote were talking about more to-do integrations later this year,  so maybe something in in the works...

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You can also put a shortcut to open a notebook or a saved search on your desktop (if I have the Android terminology correct). The Evernote widget is what I use.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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