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(Archived) What happens when you unshare a notebook?

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I shared a notebook with a guy who I was in partnership discussions with.  We decided not to form a partnership and I unshared my notebook.  What happens on his end?  Does he still have the notebook and notes or does it disappear the next time he syncs?


I believe this issue is platform agnostic.

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Hi - your situation depends on what use your prospective partner made of his shared notebook.  Your actual notes will have disappeared - he'll no longer have any access to your actual notebook.  But of course it's possible he copied one or more notes to a notebook in his own account,  in which case they will be frozen at the point in time when he copied them.  He could also have printed one or more of them out or exported or backed up the files in some way.


It's exactly the same position as though you'd sent documents through the post - you're not going to change or update anything that's been sent,  and the recipient might have shredded everything.  Even if you asked for their return,  there are still photocopiers...

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