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(Archived) Quick way to link to existing notes in same notebook

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Hi All,


I help run a club, and when I make notes about events I usually link the names of key people who attended to various other notes in the club notebook. Currently, this is fairly time consuming, as I have to find the note, copy the link, go back to the event note, find the insert location, paste (or highlight text and paste) etc.


I would much prefer it if I could use the "Add Link" dialog that comes up when you hit Ctrl-K to search for a note title (which would provide an automatic filter of available notes in the same notebook), then arrow down to, or click on, the right note if more than one note matches the filter, then hit enter and the link gets inserted at the current cursor position.


Is there any chance this functionality could be added to the desktop versions of Evernote sometime soon?


What if I said please? :)


Thanks for giving this some thought!



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Sounds like a good idea, but Evernote does not release any plans for adding new features until they get to the beta stage. So, don't expect this to get implemented soon, if at all. If it does get implemented, we should all be extremely grateful. Part of the problem is the number of different versions of Evernote, and each operating system has its own set of limitations on what can and can't be done.

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The developers keep their cards very close to their collective chests as far as future plans are concerned - they'll certainly note the suggestion (in fact there have been lots around the general theme of "make note linking easier") but we won't know if that will make it out this year or not until it actually happens.

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