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(Archived) Mac Mail to EN?





I am wondering if there's an easy way to add emails to EN from the built in Apple Mail in  Mountain Lion? I know Outlook on Win does this. I also know there's a script that helps with this (http://veritrope.com/code/apple-mail-to-evernote/) but I'm not sure how secure this script is or how well it actually works at importing conversations from Mail into EN. Any recommendations?



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Is Postbox's EN integration as seamless and efficient as the Win Outlook plugin? Anyone try Inky for Mac? I prefer the minimalistic appearance but I cannot find any info about EN on their website.


I've never used the Win Outlook plugin, but yes, it's very seamless. There's an Evernote icon in the menu bar, so you just click the icon and then the selected email pops up in the form of an Evernote, and you can add notebook and tags etc as normal. 

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