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Can't search shared notes



I have a few shared notebooks that my wife and I use, some shared from my account and some from hers. We both have them set to sync offline (we're both Premium members). However, those notes do not show up in searches.


Is this not a supported feature, or are we doing something wrong? Thanks!

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Nothing that I'm aware of - have you run through all the checks above?  If so I'd suggest a support request (see below) - unless you're a premium user this is not likely to get a quick response,  but it does register the issue.

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Darn.  That was the easy fix. 


Plan B would be to check that the information you're searching for has actually been downloaded to the phone on which you're searching.  If you make a change to your shared notebook forinstance, your phone has to send the change to the server; your wife then has to download that update when she next syncs,  as well as uploading any changes that she has made which will wait on the server until you next sync again...


If you are satisfied that the words you are searching for do exist in a shared note on your phone,  but aren't coming up in a search,  then I think a support request is definitely in order. (See link below)


Once you've both synced your phones a couple of times so that you are sure they're completely up to date and have no unsynced data,  you could try deselecting the notebook for offline storage and unticking the search option / restarting the phone and then reselecting everything to see if that rebuilds the necessary caches..?  That might take a while however!

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