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(Archived) Shared Notebook in Premium Account

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At our small office we are trying to decide to go with Premium account or not.


Let's say we all have premium account and shared notebooks.  Then an employee quits/get fired, we drop him/her from our premium account, and s/he closes their Evernote account.  What happens to the content s/he created?  Do I still have access to it?



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Hi Tia and welcome to the forum,


If you are paying for the premium account and control the password then you will have all the control you need in terms of keeping the data.


However, I would suggest a better solution might be using the Business Version. This gives you more control over what an employee can do.


More details here:





Best regards



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Then the Evernote Business may be the way for us.


However, at our company it is important that we keep one to one relationship, not group collaboration relationship.  Documents between me and employee X should not be seen by employee Y.  What happens to the content employee X created when s/he leaves company and I delete the account?  Would it stay with me?


"Thanks In Advance" (TIA)

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Hi Xamper,


Sorry about the name bit, when I answered you I was also talking to a customer of mine called Tia! Strange world!


In that case you would need to have a shared Notebook with employee X and a separate shared Notebook with employee Y. 


Basically you would start the Notebooks and share them with each employee. When they left the company the information would still be with you. Should they be aggrieved and decide with malice to delete the Notes, these will still be available in your 'Trash' folder. Which is why you should be the person to create the Notebook and 'share' it. Of course you should also have a good back up policy, but that is another story!


There are likely to be other documents which you would make available I guess to other/all employees, perhaps company policy documents, operational instructions or manuals? These could be kept in the 'Business Library'.


Best regards




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