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(Archived) Search .doc not working or extremely slow at scanning them?


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 I am a premium user and wanted to test the new search in .doc files.


 Once in a while at work I receive a new updated list of employees in a .doc file.  I usually convert the file into .PDF and save it into evernote in order to be able to search coworkers info if necessary.


  Yesterday I received a new version of the employee list and saved the .doc file directly into evernote . Note created on April 3rd at 12:52PM.


 Just did a search based on a co-worker name and evernote did not qualify my .doc note, but found the name in the old notes containing the .PDF files.


 So, after 30 hours, shouldn't I expect my .DOC file to have already be scanned?   Never saw such a long delay with .PDF..


 Anyone experience similar search problem/delay with .DOC file?





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Looks like I have been able to narrow down the problem..


If the note containing a .DOC is created from the OUTLOOK plugin (the evernote button), it looks like those notes are not scanned by the evernote server, i.e. searching will never qualify them.


Here is a test I did:

(1) Add an email containing .DOC file into evenote using Evernote plugin for Outlook.  Search in evernote: that not never qualified.

(2) Delete from the new note the .DOC file, add it back as an attachment.  Search will now qualify this note.


Maybe someone could verify and confirm what I am observing.





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