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Copy Note to Multiple Notebooks

Legate Teacher

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I am a teacher using Evernote as a markbook and sharing notebooks of each student (one notebook per student) with parents.  I love the sharing ability.


My issue that I am having is that when I make a new Note (an assignment), I am unable to easily copy it to multiple notebooks at once.  I have to right click, select copy note, and select each notebook (student) individually.  When I make an assignment, I would like the ability to copy it to multiple notebooks at once. 




Bill Legate

Teacher- Markdale, ON Canada

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Bill, I doubt that there is any way that you can get Evernote to copy a Note to multiple Notebooks at the same time. The closest workaround I can think is for you to create an additional Notebook that is accessible to all parents. Put the assignments (Notes) that all students are to work on into this additional Notebook.


I hope this works for you.



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I have the same issue (although I'm not a teacher) but my workflow requires me to sometimes put the same content into multiple notebooks. I found the easiest thing is just to email the note in through a mail merge.  I use Gmail's mail merge feature that I learned about on lifehacker.com. Now if I could email into a joined notebook, I'd be set!



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This would also solve my problems. As an educator using Evernote as a mark book, I am able to share with parents to enable them to track their child's progress. Each child has their own Notebook which Is what gets shared. Unfortunately, every time I create an assignment, since there is no "copy note to multiple notebooks" feature, it is a painfully long process doing so manually. At least with each notebook having it's own email I could do a bulk email of a note assignment to send to all my student notebooks.

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Just want to add my voice to this thread. I am an Art teacher using Evernote to great success with all my students who document their process on notebooks that I created and shared with them. I give individual feedback without problem, but occasionally I want to send out a note to a class, year group or even the whole school. The long 'right click, move to notebook, click on notebook' repetition takes a long time when doing it more than a hundred times!

A keyboard shortcut at least would help... Please Evernote!

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Actually, in the absence of this feature being added, if you have information that pertains to all members of a group (like a class schedule, say), You could just set up a single shared notebook for that group, and share it with everyone. Want to send a note to everyone, just copy it there.

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Not a workaround for the issue at hand but for my purposes ( copying a note to two notebooks) emailing the note and adding two @notebook references to the subject line copies the note to both notebooks. Won't help the teachers with the high notebook count but this may help others.

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