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(Archived) Firefox web clipper clips to evernote website


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My Firefox web clipper has recently started clipping to the web version of Evernote instead of the desktop version. I'd much rather clip to the desktop client, since it's faster and requires less clicking. I'm not sure whether it changed the last time Firefox updated itself or whether the change was pushed out by Evernote. I'm running Windows XP and the latest Firefox on multiple computers; it's occurred on all the computers in the last few days. Is there a way to specify where the web clipper sends things, or to return it to clipping to the desktop client?

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it seems that there was an upgrade to the ff extension and now the clip will look for the desktop version over the website.

please make this an option to choose whether to clip to the website or the desktop app!!!

or add the functionality of choosing the notebook to drop the clip into like the website clipping does.

please please please, it is REALLY REALLY useful and time saving to drop the clip into the correct notebook.

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