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(Archived) Evernote database folder on Bitcasa

Rick in Aachen

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From what I read, it seems as though it might have an intelligent sync to avoid the necessity to be constantly up/downloading the sometimes enormous .exb files that comprise your local database.  The primary disadvantage I see is that, unlike Dropbox, files in Bitcasa are never retained locally for more than temporary use only.  Having a local backup in the event of internet downtime, service closure, etc. is one of the main strengths of the EN desktop client.


Give it a try with a test account and let us know how it goes!

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Hi David,


Thanks for your response. Yes, I definitely won't try it with my active account because I like having everything available offline. I think I'll just wait until Bitcasa allows folders to be manually marked for constant offline availability (supposedly it's a planned feature) before I would do that. If I get a chance to test it on a test account I'll post my experiences here.



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Couldn't you just make the folder where the Evernote database is located a Bitcasa mirrored folder? Mirrored folders are always available locally with Bitcasa. They get mirrored to the online Bitcasa account (like a real-time offsite backup).

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Hmmm...gonna have to give this Bitcasa a looksee!  I backup nightly (to Amazon S3 via Jungle Disk) and try to keep up with local backups (to a USB drive which would facilitate restoration b/c cloud restoring can be time consuming and even incur additional charges - been there done that).  But I normally tend to not do local backups except on a yearly basis.  ;)   Not a really big deal, b/c at least if I had to do a full restore that gives me something to start from.  Then download new/modified files from the cloud.  BUT...for $100/year infinite (I would definitely need infinite!), that's pretty good, if they don't throttle upload.  I like not having all my eggs in one basket.  I've been screwed over too many times back in the day.  Religiously backed up to my HP Colorado drive & then when I needed to restore...uh oh...can't read the tape!!!  (Just one example.)  I used to use Carbonite, as a backup-backup.  But they throttle your upload. 


Anyway, I think it's been posted that having your EN database in a Dropbox folder is not a good thing.  (I don't understand the intricacies, just that it was not recommended.)  So Bitcasa may fall in the same category. 

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Hmmn.  I signed up to Bitcasa Free - was seriously tempted by the annual cost: less than a new 2TB local drive.  Resisted until I try it out at least,  since one review mutters on about files not being downloadable from Bitcasa.  Don't see how that applies,  since backups would be pointless without being able to access them,  and Bitcasa mentions sharing files too..  So I'll check it out with the free version before opening the wallet again.  (The moths keep getting out.)


They are not however my favourite people since the install killed Windows Explorer so I had to restart everything to get back here.  Pointed feedback required,  I think.


The argument about not backing up (or running) Evernote in a dropbox folder also applies here I think - it's a Cloud thing.  Bitcasa (understandably) carefully define your input / output / shared data as 'your stuff',  then go on to point out that if anything at all happens to 'your stuff' it ain't their fault.  Also that they may wrap up their tent overnight and close everything down without any warning and/ or liability whatsoever.  If you have your essential data stored there,  it could be gone overnight like the morning dew.  (Sorry for the mixed meteorological metaphor there).


So I might still need that 2TB drive.  For some strange reason no-one cares for my data as much as me...

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