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(Archived) Application for Evernote Trunk (import highlights from iBooks)

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Hi - this is a user forum,  though the Evernote team do read posts.  One of the team (Heather) gave this response to a 'how to contact us' enquiry a while ago -


If you would like to contact the Evernote Business team directly, you can go to Evernote.com/business and contact the sales team.


If you would like to contact one of our Customer Service representatives to discuss How To use Evernote for your business or education needs, you can contact us at evernote.com/support, select "Get Support" (enter your email address", and on the next page, select either "I want to know how to Do something" or "I have some other..." and then select "Sponsored Group/Business Questions".


That's obviously more aimed at users than other software houses,  but it's all I got.


I would say it's unusual not to have any responses from Evernote - they're usually on the ball.  Do you have any other developer links you can try in connection with your Trunk submission?


Good luck anyway :)

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