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(Archived) What is entailed when usage allotment is reset to 0?

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I'm thinking that Evernote's resetting my allotment to 0 is probably an easy matter but I thought I'd seek out the actual details from the experts.


Back on February 20, EN Support offered me (a user with a basic membership) one month of free Premium membership. I redeemed the offer on February 25. The 25th of a month is also when the 60 MB upload allowance for my free account resets. 


On March 24, while I was using the desktop client, a popup window indicated my Premium subscription was to expire March 26 -- see the attachment. When I later logged in to Evernote.com to see my account information, the account details showed my Premium membership was to expire March 25. So I opened a ticket with EN Support late in the day on March 25 to seek clarification about the expiry date. The support rep who replied to me on March 26 answered that the Premium subscription would end March 26, but he was yet unaware that because I uploaded approximately 325 MB on March 25, I apparently had unintentionally already exceeded the 60 MB allowance for the current cycle that ends April 25. On two separate occasions, a support rep increased my upload allowance by 60 MB each time without having Evernote correct the problem. Since I haven't been able to use EN, I have insisted in my communication with EN Support that I wasn't interested in the increase in my storage limit for the cycle. After one such e-mail, the allowance was decreased by 60 MB.  :D (My allowance is currently 120 MB, but I'd like it to be reset at 60 MB -- free users shouldn't be angling for more storage.)


In retrospect, I wouldn't have the problem I'm having now if I used my Premium membership only up till 23:59:59 EST on March 24 and if I assumed my account reverted to a free membership one second after this date and time. Unfortunately, on March 25, seeing I was able to continue using my Premium subscription, I did.

After seven days of communication with EN Support -- I expect another response later this evening --  Evernote has been unable to reset my usage allotment to 0; therefore, I have been unable to create, modify, or share notes in EN for close to eight days now if I try to use the web interface, as Evernote regards that I have exceeded the 60 MB upload allowance for the cycle that resets April 25.

I am aware that notes created in an offline notebook in the EN for Windows desktop client can later be moved to a notebook that synchronizes. Typically I heavily use Evernote Clearly for the clipping and highlighting of newspaper articles. When using the desktop client, I don't find copying and pasting both a URL and a newspaper article's content into a note to be efficient; as well, I can't avail myself of Clearly's highlighting features.

On March 25, I did synchronize at the end of the day; so all notes in the desktop client were present in my account when accessing it through the web interface.

I have complied with all requests from EN support to provide screenshots; I have also provided, on my own, screenshots and other information that were not requested. The last request from EN Support was for an Evernote Activity log.

Although EN Support has stated twice that my ticket has been escalated, I am not entirely hopeful. If you need my ticket number to look into the issue further, the number is 16051-283974.

Thanks in advance.



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It's definitely escalated, and we have two upper tier support techs looking at it.  Thank you for the considered post, this has been appended to the ticket as well, though you've included all the necessary info in there already.


Thank you also for the additional clarification you have added with your responses--I think the initial support replies were assuming the problem would get resolved with some increased allowance, and that's definitely not the case. 

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Hello, again.

At the end of my one-month Premium membership that was due to expire last Thursday, May 2, I ran into the same problem regarding upload-allowance expiry and the resetting of my usage allotment to 0. There are also some additional problems this time around, so I'm not sure whether to open a single ticket for all of these or whether to open separate tickets — your advice in this regard would be much appreciated, as I'm worried about overwhelming EN Support reps by detailing everything in one ticket.

I'd be glad to elaborate in this thread if an EN Employee or Evangelist needs me to but I don't want this post and any of my ensuing posts to have a bellyaching tone. I'd rather open a ticket or tickets and then return to this thread only if I'm still stuck or if I want to offer some insights.

Thank you in advance.

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