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(Archived) Evernote text-to-speech no longer attaches original recording!


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Hi - sorry for the slightly slow reaction,  but we're a user forum - answers not guaranteed..  and judging by the lack of response it doesn't look like this is an issue that affects lots of people.  Haven't used the app feature for a while - I tend to record with an external app and save files to Evernote.  The app teams don't (AFAIK) remove features deliberately - each one is charged with making their user experience the best they can for a given hardware - but something might have gone undotted in a redesign somewhere.  The devs do read these posts (though they don't always respond) so if that was an oversight,  you should see it return in due course.  Meantime maybe you could run an audio recording app alongside Evernote's TTS and save the file manually?


If you want to make sure the message gets home,  have a look at the support request link below.  You can give other feedback by that route,  and you could mention this problem.

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Thanks for the response gazumped.  I actually did end up taking this up with support.  Unfortunately I got a less than satisfactory answer:  I was told that this feature is powered by google, and thus it's a problem for google to deal with.  I'm pretty bummed - hopefully this changes in the future.

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