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(Archived) ✔ Can't make the left panel as small as it used to be


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I hope this topic ended up in the right place because I couldn't decide if it went here or in the general Evernote board. So, while writing in the Windows Evernote client ( public) on the train yesterday, I accidentally made the window go into, well, windowed mode, rather than fullscreen. When I put it back into fullscreen, I noticed the left panel was suddenly much wider than it used to be - and I couldn't make it any smaller. When I came home, I opened the Evernote client on my desktop, and to do a minor test, I just hovered over the resize line and clicked once - and just like that, the left panel forcibly grew. I liked having the left panel small, which before pretty much meant just as wide as the ad on the bottom, but now it's nearly twice that size. While that might not be the greatest catastrophe on the desktop, on my 10'' netbook screen it's seriously eating up a lot of valuable screen estate, to the point where I'm trying to figure out a good way to navigate my notebooks without the left panel (and not really coming up with anything. The favourite bar seems my best bet at the moment) because the text area is feeling insanely cramped now. I assume this changed in some recent update, because ever since I started using Evernote I remember always having been able to freely resize the left panel, the limit being only that it couldn't be made any smaller than the ad on the bottom. I don't mind the ad, and at this point in time, I do not use Evernote heavily enough to have any need to upgrade to premium, so I don't feel like paying just to get rid of an unobtrusive ad. But it would really surprise me if this has anything to do with that I have a free account rather than premium, because the only way for me to hide the ad would be to hide the entire left panel even if it could be as small as it used to be, and forcing extra unused empty space on non-paying users is not something I believe the Evernote staff would do. From the beginning I always loved how customizable the Evernote client was, and this seems a step backwards in that functionality, if it is a deliberate change of the minimum allowed width of the left panel.


So help me understand what's happened here, and also figure out if there's any way for me to get my left panel back the way I want it - compact, functional and with the ad not surrounded by pointless gray. Since apparently it was perfectly fine staying that size as long as I didn't try to change it, even after it apparently wasn't allowed to be that small anymore. I might even revert to an earlier version, just so I can figure out where this started. And I'm one who tends to want to keep my software up to date, so it always makes me sad when I get a reason to try reverting.

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Hi Kenny and welcome to the forum,


I am not sure why your 'Left Panel' should suddenly become larger. I am going to assume at this stage you are using 'Snippet' view.


I have clicked the 'resize' line and to be honest nothing happens, but then again I didn't expect it to. You can of course click and drag it. It certainly does appear to have a minimum size beyond which it won't go any smaller. But that is not anything to do with being a free or premium account, as I am using a business account and have the same thing.


It would be good if you could take a screen grab with something like Skitch. Of course with Skitch you can 'blur' out any important information. This way you could show us just how small it can go.


Best regards



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I mean the left panel listing the notebooks and such. The panel that Evernote itself just calls "Left Panel" in the View menu. The one you can toggle with F10. I don't use Snippet view for my notes, only List view.


Here's a screenshot of what it currently looks like on my desktop, and the left panel won't get any smaller than that now, where before I could have it be as small as the ad. I can make it almost as wide as I want to (but it seems that the widest I can make it leaves the text area with the minimum width of the current minimum width of the left panel. So that's a thing.), but can't get it any smaller than that to the left.


http://kenny.next-era.net/evernote-desktop.png (nothing blurred out because I really don't care if someone reads some of my short lecture notes in Swedish.)


I hoped that I had some screenshot of how it was before somewhere, but it seems that the only one I had taken myself was without that panel showing. However, this one found on Google image search looks like it has the left panel the size I used to have it, going by the size compared to the ad: http://www.ictknowledgebase.org.uk/fileadmin/ICT/images/virtual_office/evernote.JPG


Going to take a screenshot of what it's like on the netbook later, but that one's currently shut down and in my bag since I'm leaving for a seminar within the hour.




Edit: ...and just as suddenly as it stopped working, suddenly I CAN resize it to be smaller again on the netbook. I... I don't understand. When it first happened, I swear there was no way for me to do it. The netbook was shut down and started up again after I had been on the train, and the panel was still stuck like that, restarting Evernote multiple times. But now, starting netbook and Evernote up again, it works. It's the size I want again. But home on the desktop, it's stuck in the larger size.


I hate computers.

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The oddest thing to me is that it didn't work after one reboot of the netbook, then the same thing happened on the desktop so I could confirm it wasn't an isolated case. Then it fixed itself on the netbook after I had shut it down and started it again for the second time. And just now I restarded Evernote on the desktop and I can resize the left panel back to the way I want it again. Meaning that whatever the problem was, it fixed itself without ever giving me any hint at all as to why the problem existed in the first place or what the hell made it fix itself.


Which somehow is even worse than when something just plain doesn't work even when it has no reason whatsoever to not work. I want explanations, damnit!


And if I don't get that I'll just chalk this one up to gremlins in both of my computers. Because that makes about as much sense as any other reason for this I could think of.B


Thanks for trying to help me even though I'm sure my first post made me sound like I had gone insane. Which might also be accurate.

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Hi Kenny,


Difficult to say but it does appear that it is going smaller today, which really does not make sense! As you say, some gremlins out there I reckon!!


Anyway, glad you are now sorted.


Best regards



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