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(Archived) Android Evernote/Moleskine Combo Not working


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Phone: Verizon Galaxy S3 (Android 4.1.2)

Evernote 5.02

Evernote Moleskine Notebook (large)


I purchased the Moleskine Evernote Notebook (large size) to try out the new integration with 5.0.  This is what I did:


1. From the Settings->Smart Stickers screen I assigned one of the smart stickers to a particular notebook.  I also added a tag.

2. Added the sticker to my first notebook page along with actual notes on the first three pages.

2. Fired up the camera and turned on the new "Page Camera" mode.

3. Snapped pictures of the three different pages (the notebook was lying flat on a dark wood colored table).  Didn't have any problems taking the pictures.  The pictures showed up in the tiny gallery area of Page Camera mode.


This is what I noticed:

  • Pictures were not cropped in any way.  Whatever I took is how the pics came out.  I even made sure to keep the green ribbon centered between pages but that didn't seem to do anything. I took pictures of individual pages (picture of page1, picture of page2, picture of page3)
  • I did see the sticker was identified on my first page which was great.  Unfortunately, when I saved the note it was not added to the notebook I assigned and the tag was not added either.
  • No text recognition on the scanned pages.  I searched for a word printed on page one (a unique word that would only be found in this note page) to no avail.  This test was done over the weekend so I'm pretty sure nothing was indexed...

What else can I try?  Any suggestions?





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I'm encountering the similar issues. Also using a Samsung Galaxy S3


  • Not recognizing the smart stickers at all. This is kind of a big deal.
  • It does recognize text
  • I was not aware the app was to crop the image, but I can say mine is not cropped. It is exactly what I shot.
  • Also took 5 shots (4 more than I needed). Couldn't seem to stop the camera from firing.

Hope to see a resolution or some directions regarding correct settings, etc. soon.




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Just wanting to join the discussion and track updates - I'm having the same issue with my Galaxy S3. The multiple shots issues seems to be resolved, but I'm frustrated that the smart stickers are not being recognized. Is this also a known bug?

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I'm also having trouble with the Moleskin/Android combo. The stickers are not recognized. Also, if there is more than one photo being attached only the first seems to be recognized as a "page scan". The others just look like photos. I find that if I exit after each photo and then add an addl photo one by one the pages are recognized as text. In no case are the stickers recognized and processed according to the settings.


I'm using a Motorola Bionic.

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I am having the same problem.  I just received my large, squared Evernote Moleskine and was trying out the PageScan feature using two Smart Stickers.  The picture was taken fine, although I too had no crop option (this would be very  handy for taking full page photos).  However, when I checked the imported note on my desktop, the Smart Sticker tags I had assigned were not recognized.  In fact, no tags showed up on the note.


I was using the most recent Evernote app on my unlocked Nexus 4.


Is this a known issue?  If so, will a future app update correct these issues?

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Same issue. Does not recognize assigned notebooks or tags on Samsung Note.Why does Evernote continue to promote and sell a product that does not work properly on Android?

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All - please see support link below;  this user forum isn't for faults as such,  and you'll get faster action if you open a ticket.


@rkl - as to promoting and selling something that "doesn't work"..  I imagine there are a couple of (Thousand? Million?) happy customers out there,  otherwise there would have been even more fuss here.  If Evernote were to withdraw the product,  the existing happy customers wouldn't be.

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I would have been happy to post a support ticket except that was down too. I would create the support ticket and hit submit and it would get stuck on "sumbitting..." and never when through. I noticed this morning it's working again.

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Galaxy S3 - Android - all latest versions


I have exactly the same issue and followed the same proceedure.


To the person (gazumped) who suggested raising a support Ticket I would say that I did as suggested.


After 24 hours I got a request for which OS I am using despite the fact that it is all autopasted into the support ticket by the software. - I pointed this out to them


Then 24 hours more they asked for a screenshot ??? - of something that is not there !! ????


I was hoping someone had better luck with either evernote or Everjoke-support


So far I am £22 out of pocket for a notebook and Evernote support is a joke


I am looking for an alternative and pleased I did not upgrade to premium.


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I have also noticed a similar issue.  I have a Samsung Galaxy Nexus and large Moleskine evernote notebook.


It successfully crops and identifies the stickers but it doesn't put it in the correct notebook or tag it.  

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For what it's worth, I just had a chat with an Evernote support rep about this issue. I explained that the smart stickers were being recognized by the Page Camera feature in the Android app but that those tags were not being added to the note. Here's the response I got:



Evernote Rep: We apologize for the inconvenience however Moleskine is still being developed for Android. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
Me: So no fix yet?
Evernote Rep: Unfortunately our development team is still working towards to create Moleskine compatible with Android.
Me: I see. But Page Camera and Smart Stickers are there in the Android app...just bugs to work out?
Evernote Rep: Correct we apologize for the inconvenience.



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