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(Archived) Evernote extremely slow on an older phone :(


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I have an older phone (LG Optimus Z) with Android 2.3.7 installed. The problem is that Evernote is extremely sluggish on it. It lags all the time, especially when scrolling.


I'd just like to ask whether you plan to do any performance improvements in future versions or, if not, would installing an old version help? If yes, is there any specific older version of Evernote which anyone could recommend for such a device?


I don't really need a super-smooth performance... At the moment it's just too slow to even make short notes comfortably :( I think that it's got even slower than before with the new versions recently.

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Evernote can't do anything for you tomasz86.


Evernote is very similar to an HTML editor and basically is like a web browser when viewing most standard notes. At best, web browsing is a good indication of Evernote performance on a device.


I had a similar phone: http://www.gsmarena.com/t_mobile_mytouch_4g-3520.php'>T-Mobile MyTouch 4G (HTC Glacier). I can tell you from it's hardware performance at web browsing on Gingerbread...there's nothing that can be done without newer hardware.


Clipped notes can especially cause lag for some reason even on more recent devices, like a Nexus 7 with a Tegra 3 chip. Stripping and simplifying formatting helps tremendously. Clipping all the pages http://thegalaxys3gallery.blogspot.com/2012/06/guide-samsung-galaxy-s3-camera-usage.html'>here and merging them gave me ultra lag on my tablet until I simplified the formatting in the Desktop app. Lots of wasted ***** == much more work needed to display == more lag.

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Well, I think I've got to disagree.


I had other things to do for a while so I didn't have time to play around with older versions of Evernote and just kept using the newest one... but today I wanted to install Evernote on a Nook Touch which runs Android 2.1 and the newest version of Evernote doesn't even start on the device (nothing happens when clicking on the icon). As a result I searched for other (older) versions in the Internet and managed to find Evernote 2.6.2 which works fine on the Nook.


I've also replaced the newest version (5.0.3) on the phone with the same Evernote 2.6.2 and the difference is HUGE. I can't say much about the HTML rendering engine but I can say for sure that the interface seems to be MUCH lighter, thus making navigation through notes very smooth and quick compared to Evernote 5.0.3 which feels really sluggish :(


To sum up, if anyone's got same problem and is struggling trying to use new versions of Evernote on his or her old phone then I highly recommend trying out Evernote 2.6.2.

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